Frequently Asked Questions


How long has Amaxx Graphics been in business?

Amaxx Graphics, Inc. is a family-owned and operated printing and graphics company whose history began in 1947. Howard Rand, a former owner of Artray Label Co., started Amaxx Graphics to continue in the tradition of providing quality items at great prices with exceptional service.


What is the minimum ordering quantity?

Woven Labels – 1,000
Printed Labels – 1,000
Tags – 1,000
Stickers – 250
Decals – 125


How fast will my order ship?

We will work with you to best accommodate your needs and help you meet your deadlines. As a general rule, ship dates are dependent upon the number of orders in our plant and the quantity of your order.


Can you send me a catalog or price list?

Amaxx Graphics is a custom printer and carries a limited amount of stock labels. Therefore, we do not have a catalog with prices and label types. We would, however, be happy to send you samples of colors, materials, or previous orders we have printed for some of our customers. Call or email us if you would like to request that some samples be sent to you.


Can Amaxx Graphics produce my artwork?

Upon request, Amaxx Graphics can provide you with one free sketch. Thereafter, there may be a small charge for designing your artwork based on the time required.


Do you accept credit cards?

Amaxx Graphics accepts most major credit cards.